Pet Paw Cleaner - Design A

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Customer Reviews

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Brandi M. Vidrine
Great for active pets and pet owners

Hiking is my therapy and my dog shares the same belief. This pet paw cleaner takes all the mud away from our short hikes so we're clean when we hop in the car.

Carol J.
Cleaning used to be a pain

This paw cleaner has helped me in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you very much for the fast delivery Clever Things.

Angel C. Cortez
Easy peasy

Dog gets anxious when she's about to be cleaned. This takes the anxiety away because all you need to do is dip their paws in it and voila! No more threatening garden hoses or carrying her to the tub.

Charles S. Jackson
Big dogs love to get dirty

It's become our ritual and they know when they see it that they'll have their paws washed and they have no problems with it. I got the biggest size since I live with BMs and GSDs. They love to get dirty and this paw cleaner does the trick.

Gentle silicone bristles

I really like that the bristles are soft to the touch. It doesn't hurt them in any way and keeps dirt and mud away. Nice handy product, thank you.