Dog Jumbo Tennis Ball

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item: Tennis Balls
dog ball toy: ball toys
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Toys for dogs: Pet products for dogs
feature: Dog ball launcher
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Brand Name: VKTECH
Packaging: Single Package
Diameter (mm): 240
Weight (g): 280
Model Number: Tennis Balls
Rebounce: super good
Category: Training Ball

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fletcher J. Royals
Seems pretty decent

Our dog loves it. It seems to be made of durable materials and seems pretty decent. I hope It will last, then probably I can buy more.

Mary J. Biggs
Customizable pet toy

When I say customizable I mean the softness and the hardness of the ball. I've heard people complaining their dogs pop this tennis ball in 5 minutes and my guess is that they had it fully inflated. I love how we can control the toughness and the softness of the ball.

Kelly Flores
Good exercise tool for pets

If you want your pets to start exercising, then this jumbo tennis ball is the perfect tool to get them going. I have a dog that's too lazy to fetch anything, but upon seeing this jumbo tennis ball, he just went nuts. I hope this also works for other pet owners because this helped my dog became more active.