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Take your coffee to the next level, use this Cappuccino Stencil and make cappuccino at home like a pro. We, at The Clever Things, offer a wide selection of Cappuccino Stencils including molds and shakers made out of high-quality stainless steel which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy barista quality coffee at home, all you need is this simple bar tool to make instagrammable coffee that you can make quickly and easily. Whether you’re hosting friends or simply just drinking coffee for your own pleasure, you’ll find this coffee stencil is a handy tool.

Here are some of its clever features.

Comes in Different Shapes and Sizes

Here at The Clever Things, we provide our customers with a wide collection of handy products and our catalog for our Cappuccino Stencil is as comprehensive as it is clever. Our Cappuccino Stencil comes in different sets with different patterns to choose from.

The first set in our offering includes one stainless steel shaker and 8 stencils allowing you to make Christmas-themed cappuccino for the holidays. In it comes stencils in the shape of a Christmas ball, a Christmas candy cane, a mistletoe, a snowflake, a Christmas tree, a gift box, Christmas stars, and a snowman.

Our second set comes with the same stainless steel shaker together with the aforementioned 8 Christmas-edition stencils and 16 other stencils you’re sure to love. Among the 16 stencils include patterns like “love,” and “I love you,” a flower, a smiley face, a maple leaf, a sun, a tree, a coffee cup, two hearts struck with an arrow, a panda, a heart, coffee beans, stars and moon, a ribbon, and others.

We also sell these items separately should you need only one or the other. Here are the things you can buy individually.

  • 8 mold Christmas stencil set
  • 1 stainless steel shaker and 16 stencil set
  • 1 stainless steel shaker
  • 16 mold stencil set

With this much selection, you can make a lot of cappuccino creations. This is great if you’ve got friends and families coming over since you can make professional quality coffee at home that you can serve your guests when you’re hosting. Because you will have a lot of patterns to choose from, you can find a design that fits the occasion. If you’re a coffee lover, you have to have the Cappuccino Stencil.

Made from High-Quality Materials

This Cappuccino Stencil set is made from high-quality materials that it doesn’t easily break or wear out. The stencils are made with high-grade raw materials so as to make sure that it does cake or flake. What this means is that when you use these stencils, you won’t get small fragments of plastic into your coffee and enjoy only the ingredient you’re garnishing your drinks with, in this case, cocoa or cinnamon. The high-quality materials used in the stencil patterns ensure that you’re drinking safe beverages every time.

On that same note, the shaker where you’ll be putting your cocoa or cinnamon in to garnish your drinks is made of high-grade stainless steel. Compared to other kinds of metal, stainless steel is strong and resistant against corrosion and other damage that other metals are prone to. Like when using the stencils, you’re sure that you won’t ingest shards of metal, corrosive rust, or any forms of worn-out dusts of steel are included in your drink. The use of stainless steel also preserves the overall quality of the powder in the shaker preventing it from smelling and tasting like metal or plastic.

Our Cappuccino Stencil makes for a great addition to your bar or your kitchen allowing you to enjoy home-made coffee like never before. The use of high-quality materials in this item makes it so that this Cappuccino Stencil does not only last long but also provides you with safe beverages that you can enjoy. It also makes cleaning and maintenance quite easy and a lot less messy.

A Multi-Purpose Stencil Set

While this Cappuccino Stencil is indeed intended for cappuccino, it can be used to dress and decorate other food items making it a multi-purpose kitchen tool. This means that the Cappuccino Stencil is something not only coffee lovers can appreciate but also those who like to craft confectionery delights. You can use the stencils in this Cappuccino Stencil set to decorate cakes and other baked goodies. Use confectioner’s sugar to decorate your desserts and add an element of design to your edibles. With the holidays just around the corner you will make good use of the Christmas Cappuccino Stencil set now more than ever.

It can be used to decorate a lot of surfaces using a wide variety of materials making it more than just your average kitchen tool. It’s a great addition to your kitchen arsenal and would also make for a great gift idea for the coffee lover in your life. Grab your Cappuccino Stencil set today only here at The Clever Things!

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  • 1 x Cappuccino Stencil (item depends on your selection above)

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