Bottle Cap Gun

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Opening bottle caps have never been easier with this Bottle Cap Gun opener. Not only does it make opening bottle caps quick and easy but it also helps you dispose and dispense of your bottle caps in a fun and entertaining way. Tired of playing beer pong and other old drinking games? You can now play a new shooting game using bottle caps with friends and families and use your bottle caps instead of real live fire ammunition. So are you ready to have fun with the Bottle Cap Gun?

Come check out why this nifty little tool is one of our best-selling items here at The Clever Things.

A Fun New Drinking Game

Are you and your friends growing tired of the same old drinking game? Well, here’s a fun new way to kill time and have fun while you and your close friends chug out your favorite ale. The Bottle Cap Gun is a fun tool that can be used to open bottle caps and at the same time shoot those bottle caps away towards a stationary target. You can set up light targets, small boxes of cigarettes would do, a few feet away (Bottle Cap Gun shoots caps up to 5 feet away) and let the bottle caps loose. Test yours and your friends’ skills in knocking down small targets with this new bottle cap opener.

While beer pong never goes out of style, you and your friends might get tired of playing the same old game. Shooting ping pong balls on a stack of beer-laden cups sitting in front of the opposing team. While many drinking clubs and circles are built around this tradition, you can start your own drinking custom with this brand-new bar tool. You can still stack up beer-laden cups but instead of testing one’s skills in physics and ball trajectory, you and your friends can test your skills in shooting. And although the same laws of physics and projectile trajectory applies, the skills needed are polar opposites. You don’t even have to knock down the cups, as long as you hit a cup from the opposing team’s stack, that team is to drink it. It not only makes the game fun by bringing different dimensions to it but it also makes it a lot safer.

Especially nowadays, people are more vigilant about germs and the health risks they bring and drinking a cup of beer with a ball in it (that everybody held and God knows where it went when the opposing team missed their shots) might not actually be a good idea. Instead, using the Bottle Cap Gun allows you and your friends to simply touch the cups with a bottle cap to drink it. No foreign object in the cup means that it’s a lot safer to drink.

A Lasting Toy

The Bottle Cap Gun offers a lasting performance and is not one of those toys that break a few weeks of using it making it a good investment to put your money in. It’s made from durable ABS plastic coupled with metal parts and magnetic connections that hold and lock the caps in place until you fire it. This makes for a great gift idea for husbands, dads, and boyfriends who love to drink. It can be used to open other capped beverages aside from beers.

You won’t regret buying this bottle cap opener because of its many benefits.

Lets You Dispose of Caps Easily

Ever get tired of having to pick up beer bottle caps after entertaining guests at home? Don’t you just hate it when you have to go all over your house just so you can clean leftover bottle caps that are lying all around? Well, the Bottle Cap Gun lets you dispose of bottle caps easily. Aside from being a fun bar tool for playing drinking games with friends and families, the Bottle Cap Gun allows you to throw away those bottle caps directly in the bin - all without picking every bottle cap along the way. As long as you’re a good shot, you can aim towards your trash can or bottle cap bin and shoot the caps straight into the repository saving you time and effort of cleaning up later when the party’s over. Entertain and be entertained with this bottle cap opener that not only makes for a great tool in the bar, the kitchen, but also a great conversation piece when you and your friends hang out to drink.

Many girlfriends and wives swear to the fun and cheer the Bottle Cap Gun brings to their husbands and boyfriends when they bring it home as a gift. It’s going to be the new toy they can’t get over with and will probably love too much for their own good. If you’re a supportive partner to a beer lover, this bottle cap opener lets you save time by avoiding having to clean up later and at the same time make the love of your life happy and proud.

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