About Us

Who We Are

Here at The Clever Things, our goal is to provide our customers with inspiring, unique, and of course, clever products. We’ve got everything from home décor to modern gadgets and our list of products ranges from both practical and inspirational. Ours is a collection of high-quality items that are carefully selected not only for you but also for your little ones as well as your furry pets. We have home, baby, and pet products that are handpicked by a team of professionals with only one goal in mind - bring you and your family items that are smart, innovative, and clever. So, if you’re looking for useful products that will help you be the best version of you, you’re definitely in the right place.

Why Shop with Us?

We’ve put up a catalog of smart and affordable items and put all the clever things we can find under one roof. Turning an old room into a new office space? We’ve got modern and vintage lights which allow you to get new perspectives from an old space. We also have a variety of air diffusers to keep your home smelling fresh and clean as well as nano magic tapes so your decorations won’t get knocked out of place. Welcoming a new family member? We’ve got feeder pacifiers, hipseat carriers, and moccasins. How about gifts for the techie in the family? Choose from our collection of smartwatches and wireless earbuds.

Here, at The Clever Things, we have everything for everyone. To top that off, we offer discounts and promotional programs backed by responsive quality support to make sure you get the best online shopping experience.

Our Guarantee

Because we cover a wide range of products from decorative home objects to gadgets and watches, we make sure that the items we list on our website are sourced from trusted manufacturers. Nobody wants to spend money just to make mistakes. We’ve all had our fair share of online shopping experiences that went from dream to disaster and we, at The Clever Things, know exactly how that feels.

That said, it has been our goal to provide our customers with products we ourselves won’t be ashamed of using. We’re backed by a team of professionals who constantly search for high-quality products that are worth investing in and get them from trusted sources. We believe that the world has so many good things to offer and our mission is to bring you clever things through our online retail shop.

We’re Growing

From the first item that inspired us to start our business to our expanding collection of smart and useful merchandise, we, at The Clever Things, continue to grow. Thanks to you, we’ve sold and delivered over 1,000,000 items to an increasing number of customers. And while volume is important in any business, we know that they aren’t just numbers. We treat them as milestones and cherish every digit added to our number of sold items because they help us remember why we started and the number of customers, our clever listings, made happy. Are you a part of this number? Join us and browse through our collection of home, baby, pets, and gadgets that are as affordable and clever to use.



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