How to Use a Bottle Cap Gun

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Attention beer lovers, a fun new way to open your bottle caps and play new drinking games is here. The Bottle Cap Gun is a small and compact tool that can open up bottle caps from beer bottles and other beverages. It’s one of the coolest toys on the market that allows you to enjoy every bit of your beer, bottle caps included.

Interested? Who wouldn’t be? Today, we’ll talk about how to use this cap gun bottle opener and all the other fun things you can do with it. But first, if you want to snag yourself one of these useful toys and other neat items, head on over to The Clever Things.

Now, here’s how you use the Bottle Cap Gun.

Simple and Straightforward

The Bottle Cap Gun is an item designed and engineered with fun and convenience in mind. That said, the way it can be used and operated stays simple and rudimentary that even a five year-old kid can use it.

A word of caution though.

Just because children can easily suse this bottle cap opener, it doesn't mean that they should. And by all means, please keep this bar tool away from children as shooting themselves with a bottle cap can end up hurting them.

Nevertheless, here are three simple steps on how you can operate the Bottle Cap Gun.

1. Pull the Side Back

bottle cap gun side

In other words, cock it. Now, don’t get carried away. It’s not your concealed carry pistol but pulling the side back sure feels like pulling the slide of your Glock. Gently pull the small wedge atop the Bottle Cap Gun back, the one that looks like a pistol sight. Use your thumb to cock the gun until you hear it click. While it’s not yet loaded, this means that the mechanism used to accept the bottle cap has been opened and that it’s locked and ready for the ammunition. This action also exposes the magnet that should hold the bottle cap in place.

2. Open the Bottle

bottle cap gun - bottle opener

With the slide pulled back and the magnet exposed, proceed to opening your beer bottle. Do this as you would normally do when opening your beer bottle cap with a regular cap opener. Gentry rock the Bottle Cap Gun back and forth to loosen the cap. The aforementioned magnet will hold the cap in place as if holding a chambered bullet in the barrel. You can check if the bottle cap is securely held in place but the strong magnetic connection will ensure that the cap won’t fall off until you pull the trigger.

3. Pull the Trigger

bottle cap gun - pull the trigger

With the slide cocked back and the bottle cap loaded in the chamber, aim towards your target (light boxes, beer cups, or even the trash bin) and press the trigger. The Bottle Cap Gun comes with its own front and rear sights that will help you align your target and the trajectory of the bottle cap. Although it’s not as effective as the actual pistol sights found on real live fire pistols, it allows you some kind of guidance in shooting the cap towards your selected target.

Pull the trigger (don’t squeeze it, first rule in marksmanship training) allowing you to shoot the bottle cap towards your target.

And there you have it, three simple steps to use the Bottle Cap Gun. You really don’t have to be a trained marksman or adept in firearms to enjoy and have fun. All you need is a little creativity and a bottle of beer to loosen up and experience the merriment that you can get from using this clever tool.

Now, here are a few things you can do with the Bottle Cap Gun.

Play New Drinking Games

For obvious reasons, one of the most entertaining games you can play with the Bottle Cap Gun is to shoot targets. You can stack up a few empty cigarette boxes and see who amongst you and your friends can shoot down all the cigarette packs as if you’re shooting paper and metal targets down range. It’s an exciting fun game because the Bottle Cap Gun offers decent trajectory and can shoot up bottle caps five feet away. While five feet is its effective range, it can still go further to six or seven feet as reported by its users. That said, you can shoot targets at a decent length and really test out your shooting skills.

bottle cap gun - Play New Drinking Games

On the other hand, you can play modified beer pong. The way that works is that you and your friends form up two teams and line up cups filled with beer. Instead of having to bounce off ping pong balls over a ping pong table, you and your friends can shoot the cups. You can decide whether to shoot the bottle cap inside the actual cups so everyone can visibly see the scored point or simply just let the bottle caps bump the beer cups if you and your friends don’t want to drink beer that has been touched by any foreign object. Now, there’s no actual rulebook about playing this game so you and your friends can make up rules of your own and make the game fun depending on your preference.

The Bottle Cap Gun offers exciting new ways to enjoy drinking sessions with friends and families if you’re tired of playing the same old game. You can spice up your weekends by playing shooting games in your backyard using the Bottle Cap Gun (more like the battle cap gun).

Save Time Cleaning

Because the Bottle Cap Gun can shoot bottle caps at a good distance, it can be used to throw bottle caps away to the bin. This allows you to save time cleaning and picking up those bottle caps when the party’s over.

bottle cap gun - Save Time Cleaning

Admit it, as fun it is hosting weekend drinking sessions with your friends at your backyard pool, having to clean up after the mess is somewhat tiring. You have to walk over the place just so you can pick up loose bottle caps and throw them in the bin and your hurting back doesn’t help. Why not use this bottle cap opener to your advantage. Instead of having to play shooting games with your friends, you can shoot the bottle caps directly to the trash can so you won't have to pick them up the morning after. Just set up a small bin in your backyard bar and shoot the caps away. If ever you’re afraid you’d get the scolding from your wife after you and your friends made a mess the night before, you can get them on board and play a shooting game called “shoot the cap in the trash can.” This way everyone will have a hand, or a finger, in keeping the house clean while drinking.

Bottle Cap Gun as a Gift

Bottle Cap Gun as a Gift

The Bottle Cap Gun is a great tool for people who love to drink beer and keep themselves entertained. This makes this bottle cap opener a great gift idea for husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and grand fathers. And because it can be used for other beverages aside from beer, you can even give one to your sister and your girlfriend. The possibilities are endless making it a great gift idea especially the holidays are coming.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one and enjoy the fun that the Bottle Cap Gun has to offer.

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