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Drinking coffee has become mainstream now more than ever. With the rise of coffee companies like Starbucks, Seattle's Best, and Tim Horton’s, drinking designer coffee turned out to be more than just a drink to get you perked up in the morning. With the increasing popularity of these big top-shelf coffee companies also comes the increasing numbers of those who enjoy brewing their own coffee at home. Because of the recent events, many have transitioned to working from big offices where most of the big coffee brands have opened up stores to working at the comfort of their own homes. This leads to the increased demand of home brews for work-at-home employees or freelancers like me and you. However, if barista quality coffee is something that you miss, we’re bringing you something that’s sure to spice up your home-made coffee and remind you of the good old days when you walk to your office with a cup of joe to help you slay your busy day.

Meet the Cappuccino Stencil

cappuccino stencils

In a nutshell, the cappuccino stencil is a stencil pattern that allows you to garnish and design your drinks with your favorite powdered ingredients, like cocoa or cinnamon. It comes in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, and designs, that can turn an otherwise boring coffee into an exciting cup of wake up. If you want to get your hands on this nifty little tool, head on to The Clever Things and check out other handy bits and bobs. And now, to get you more excited as you wait for that box of stencil to arrive at your doorsteps, we’ll talk about just how great it is to have the Cappuccino Stencil.

Mood Changer

Here’s a fact, coffee itself helps change your mood. That’s why we take coffee to get ourselves going and ready while our heads are still sleepy. Coffee is known to drastically improve your mood and help people feel more productive. It acts as a nervous stimulant and makes you feel more alert, if not energetic. Coffee is believed to block the receptors of your adenosine’s neurotransmitters that causes excitability in the brain. However, you can change the mood even further by using a Cappuccino Stencil.

Cappuccino Mood Changer

Here’s how.

Imagine how looking at a picture can bring back memories or how looking at a painting can make you feel happy? Having patterns and designs laid out on the froth or on the surface of your coffee can have the same effect on your mood, on top of how the caffeine in coffee can get you more excited. Having a bad day? Pick up a Cappuccino Stencil that has a sun or a ribbon on it and be surprised at how a simple act can change your mood. The Cappuccino Stencil sold at The Clever Things comes in a wide array of designs and patterns that can help liven up your mood and add a dash of character to your morning brew.

Try it, and you might even find it hard to go back to a plain cup of coffee.

Helps Send a Message

Another reason why the Cappuccino Stencil is so great is because it acts as a vehicle for your messages. As we’ve covered above, adding a dash of stenciled cocoa or cinnamon to your cappuccino can help change your mood. But you’ll be surprised at how it can help convey messages and potentially change the mood of others around you.

Cappuccino - Helps Send a Message

Working at home and seeing your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, having a bad day? How about you make a cup of coffee that not only perks your partner up but also sends a message. The Cappuccino Stencil comes in patterns that say “I love you,” “love,” and a few patterns of hearts in love. Not only will it help perk up your partner’s day but it can potentially blow the blues away.

You’ll both find yourselves smiling and even forgetting what caused them to wake up at the wrong side of the bed and start their day right and full of positivity. It’s surprising to see what a good cup of coffee can do to people, especially when dressed and garnished using the Cappuccino Stencil.

Helps Make Celebrations More Special

Whether it’s a cup of coffee or a big mug of chocolate drink, chugging down hot beverages during the Holidays makes it more special. And do you know what can bring your holiday drinks to the next level?

Cappuccino - Helps Make Celebrations More Special

That’s right, Cappuccino Stencils.

This Cappuccino Stencil comes in a wide variety of designs including those meant for the holidays. You’ll find ones that are in the likeness of a snowman, a candy cane, a mistletoe, a Christmas ball, and even one that looks like a snowflake. There’s also one made out of stars, a box for Christmas presents, and a big-ass Christmas tree. How cool is that? Nothing says Merry Christmas like a cup of hot chocolate (or a cup of coffee) sprinkled with nutmeg, cinnamon, or cocoa, in the likeness of these Christmas icons.

Easy and Impressive Coffee

If you like entertaining guests at home or maybe if you have a huge following on your social media, the Cappuccino Stencil can help you make impressive coffee that can rival the works of a professional barista. The Cappuccino Stencil allows you to make beautiful designs using just simple tools that even a 10-year old with some steady hands can do.

Easy and Impressive Coffee

Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Grab the stencil of your choice.
  2. As we’ve briefly mentioned before, these Cappuccino Stencils come in a wide variety of patterns and designs so simply select from any of them and hover your stencil of choice above your coffee or any other beverage.
  3. Take the shaker and make sure that it has ample powder in it.
  4. Gently rock and sway the shaker and allow the powder to fall off on the stencil.
  5. Lift the stencil and marvel at your artwork.

With just a few simple steps (and some steady hands) you can create beautiful coffee art you can serve your guests or take pictures of. You don’t have to be a trained barista to make professional quality coffee. All you need is some good quality coffee beans and the Cappuccino Stencil.

Multi-Purpose Tool

The Cappuccino Stencil does not work on coffee or cappuccino alone. As you might have read above, you can also use it to decorate other beverages like chocolate drinks and even milkshakes. What’s more, this stencil set can be used in a wide variety of applications, especially in baking confectionery edibles.

multi purpose cappuccino stencil

You can bake chocolate cupcakes and dress them with your favorite patterns using the Cappuccino Stencil and some confectioner’s sugar. On the other hand, you can use a batter of a different color and use a powder or contrasting color to create beautiful baked works of art. You can sell these unique edible creations or simply dish them up if you’ve got friends and families coming over. There’s no stopping you from making unique dishes and beverages with this clever tool.

So, these are just some of the things you can do with the Cappuccino Stencil and why we think this thing is so cool. Make sure you grab one of these for yourself or as a gift item for the coffee lover in your life.

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