30 Most Useful Products in 2020

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With just a few months to the holidays, now’s the perfect time to look for useful products. Either as gifts for friends, families, or just a simple reward for yourself, here are 30 handy and practical products that came out this 2020. If you’re interested to know where you can get the products on our list, check out The Clever Things where you can find other products that are clever and useful. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Useful Home Products

Since we’ve all been stuck on our homes for the past few months, it’s only befitting to begin this list with some useful products for our houses - in no particular order.

1. Dust Mop Slippers

Dust Mop Slippers

To start our list, let’s look at a product that homemakers around the world would appreciate. These dust mop slippers are versatile since you can slide them on your feet, wear them on your hands, or use it over your mop. It can be used to clean anything from floors, windows, walls, desks, computers, keyboards, and a whole lot more. It’s also a fun way to clean your home and to teach your kids a thing or two about household chores.

2. Cabinet Shelf Organizer

Cabinet Shelf Organizer

Another useful item we’ve found is this 2-layer cabinet shelf organizer. With two tiers of storage, you can have your daily household items stacked, neatly organized. Not only will they be beautiful to look at but also easier to work with. This works with almost any small items but it’s more popular as a spice rack. Instead of having to weave through small bottles of spices (and end up using sugar for salt), you can just look at the organized containers and pick exactly what you need. This organizer can also be used outside of the kitchen as an organizer for cosmetics, makeup, as well as toiletries. The good thing about it is that it still allows you to enjoy an open storage in the center as the organizer only spans at the corners of the cabinet.

3. Refrigerator Organizer Tray

Refrigerator Organizer Tray

Yay! More organizers. This refrigerator organizer tray is a modular organizer that can be stretched to accommodate various types of light items. It’s made of high-quality and eco-friendly plastic materials so you don’t have to worry about the plastic rubbing off on your spices, vegetables, and fruits. It can even hold eggs and other items you don't want to get in the way. They also come in various colors so you can match the organizers with your fridge for that ultimate home aesthetic. Make Monica Geller red with envy with this refrigerator organizer tray.

4. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Next up is a robotic vacuum cleaner. This is perfect for people who don’t have the time to kill, let’s say, with the dust mop slippers. It’s smart and simple allowing you to vacuum your home without having to actually be there. You just set it and forget it and pick it up after it’s done with its job. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for multi-tasking moms or dads working at the comfort of their own home. You can do stuff on your computer, chill over Netflix, and even put the baby to sleep. It works for roughly two hours and offers a 2D map and gyroscope feature that can be monitored using your smartphone.

5. Lazy Snack Bowl

Lazy Snack Bowl

Just exactly what the world needs more of, a lazy snack bowl. When you’re done with all the cleaning and the organizing, it’s time to kick back, relax, and look at your masterpiece that is your clean home. It’s made of high-quality plastic that's durable enough to hold a smartphone on top and some snacks at the bottom. It’s got two compartments; with a deep one to accommodate small snacks like peanuts and almonds with the top compartment used to store peelings. Nevertheless, our favorite combination is Cheetos at the bottom and some cummy bears at the top.

6. Speedy Vegetable Chopper

Speedy Vegetable Chopper

Something healthy for a change? Try this speedy vegetable chopper and chop up tomatoes, coriander, onions, garlic, and jalapeno in seconds. All you need is seasoned ground or shredded beef (which we’ll get to in a few) and some tortilla and you have yourself a delicious and healthier alternative. You can use it to chop up almost any vegetable in a jiffy.

7. Meat Shredder Claws

Meat Shredder Claws

Remember that beef we were talking about? Yeah, this meat shredder can help you break beef you can use for your tortilla. Craving for some pulled pork? Say no more. This kitchen tool is made of durable ABS material allowing you to easily wield it and clean it. It’s the perfect gift idea for dads and boyfriends who like grilled meat. As they say, the man flipping the grill is king.

8. Vegetable Scissors

Vegetable Scissors

Now that you’ve got your meat prepped up, what you’d want next is some garnish. This vegetable scissors are perfect for cutting herbs and spices like chives, scallions, rosemary, and dill, to garnish your steak or barbecue.

9. Nano Magic Tape

Nano Magic Tape

Taking a step back from the kitchen, we’re going to look at an all-purpose tool. These nano magic tapes are useful products that offer superior adhesion to almost any surface, just make sure you wipe them clean though. You can use it for a lot of applications like keeping wires under the table, making sure your rug stays in place, or keep glass vases in place so they don’t fall off your table. This nano magic tape can be used to tape almost any kind of item down to any kind of surface.

10. Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

When all’s said and done, you’d just want to brush your teeth and crash to bed. This automatic toothpaste dispenser can help make brushing all the more convenient. It’s a wall-mounted dispenser so you don’t have to worry about your dispenser scattered all around your counter. Just push your toothbrush in and down comes the toothpaste.

11. Tap Water Purifier

Tap Water Purifier

For those who want an added layer of protection, especially with all these viral breakouts, this tap water purifier can help. You can just connect it to your faucet and enjoy filtered tap water. Filtered water works best for plants, water for your pets, washing fruits and vegetables, as well as for drinking. This kitchen item offers activated carbon for superior water filtration. Having a water filter around lets you remove the impurities from your tap water including the chemicals and minerals added to it for sanitation purposes.

12. Fabric Steamer

Fabric Steamer

This fabric iron steamer lets you remove wrinkles from linens and precious fabrics. You can also use it for heavier fabrics like wool and heavy drapes. Steaming your clothes not only removes wrinkles but also allows you to kill any bacteria sitting on the fabric. It’s handheld so you can move the steamer around your clothes. It’s also small and portable so you can carry it around with you when you travel.

13. Silicone Gloves - Scrubbing Gloves

Silicone Gloves - Scrubbing Gloves

If you hate doing the dishes, this silicone scrubbing gloves can make cleaning fun. It’s made out of thick silicone with soft rubber bristles to gently brush off your expensive plates and your teflon pots. What’s more, this silicone scrubbing gloves can also be used to groom your pet. It’s a multi-purpose kitchen tool that can do more than just clean the dishes.

14. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

We all know mama gets angry when we leave the microwave dirty. The angry mama microwave cleaner is a useful and clever item that helps keep your microwave clean and tidy. It’s also a fun way to teach kids the value of chores without it being a, well, chore. Not only is it a great gift idea for moms, grand mothers, girlfriends, and aunts, but it’s also a great kitchen tool to have in your home.

15. Sushi Maker

sushi maker

This sushi allows you to make sushi like a pro. If you lack the rolling skills to make sushi at home, this sushi maker has got your covered. This kitchen item is made of eco-friendly and high-quality material which makes it safe for preparing food, like sushi. Surprise friends and family with professional quality sushi using this simple and straightforward home sushi maker.

16. Pill Organizer Bottle

Pill Organizer Bottle

Lastly in our collection of home products, is this uber clever and useful pill organizer bottle. It’s one of the most useful products on our list because it lets you keep track of your pills while having potable drinking water to help you take your medicine. It’s got slots for each day of the week with a decent amount of storage space for a wide variety of panaceas.

Useful Pet Products

In our list of useful products, let’s not forget our four-legged friends. Here’s a list of the most practical pet products on the market today.

17. Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Cover

It’s fun to take your dogs for a hike or a walk in the park until you’re faced with the aftermath that is the lump of fur and globs of mud left in your car seat. Thankfully, you’ve got this affordable dog car seat cover to keep you and your car seat safe and protected. It has durable clips so the seat cover stays in place, a decent padding to keep your furry friends comfortable, and a water-proof layer to keep water from getting to the seat cover.

18. Pet Portable Water Bottle (with Activated Carbon Filter)

Pet Portable Water Bottle

More for active dogs who like to go on hikes and do fun activities. This portable pet water bottle lets you bring along drinking water for your pets. It can hold 250ml of water and is great for both big and small dogs and includes an activated carbon filter to purify the water. For the furry pet parents who want nothing but the best for their pets, this portable water bottle can help keep your dogs hydrated while making sure that the water is free from impurities. It’s a portable tool for pet owners and you don’t even have to bring a bowl.

19. Pet Travel Bottle w Folding Bowl (2 in 1 For Food & Water)

Pet Travel Bottle w Folding Bowl

If you want something versatile, this portable folding bowl might just be what you’re looking for. In our opinion, this travel bottle and folding bowl is what you need to bring with you if you’ll be out with your pets longer. You might be out traveling on vacation or visiting a relative living in a different state, this pet travel bottle and folding bowl ensures your pet will have water and a clean bowl for their meals. The bowl is foldable and is made of lightweight material allowing you to carry it with you almost wherever you go.

20. Cat Litter Mat

Cat Litter Mat

Now let’s show our cats some love. You can get them this cat litter mat features a hollowed design that collects the litter at the bottom. Because the pad underneath is made out of silicone, it prevents the litter from flowing out of the mat allowing you to avoid messy spills. It’s a simple and easy way of dealing with cat litter.

21. Cat Self Groomer

Cat Self Groomer

This cat self groomer lets your pets groom themselves. While it may take away the relaxing sensation of bruising your cat, this self groomer lets them brush themselves whenever they get the chance. It’s simple and effective because all you need to do is to prop the groomer on a corner of a wall and put a catnip in it and, voila! You’ll be amazed your cat will groom herself all there is for you to do is to pet her with her coat all cleaned up.

22. Pet Paw Cleaner

Pet Paw Cleaner

This pet paw cleaner is great for pets who are afraid to get their paws wet. Remember the hikes we were talking about, yeah, that can get your dog’s paws dirty and muddy. This pet paw cleaner can help you and your pet keep yourselves clean. We know that some pets just can’t handle being bathed, and this pet paw cleaner lets them get their paws all cleaned up without getting themselves showered in the tub.

23. Pet Painless Nail Clipper

Pet Painless Nail Clipper

Speaking of getting all dolled up, some pets can’t stand having their nails clipped. The painless pet nail clipper lets you clip their nails without having to scare them away. This is great for both big and small dogs allowing you to groom them without teaching them to be afraid of grooming. Moreover, the pet painless nail clipper lets your pet build good behaviour.

24. Dog Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy

Dog Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy

More on pet grooming. This chew toy is more of a toothbrush for dogs, and lets them clean their teeth all while having fun. It’s got soft bristles that clean their teeth while chewing on this soft toy. Great for dogs of various sizes that have a penchant for gnawing on toys. It comes in various dimensions that fit dogs from small sizes to big ones. You no longer have to battle it out with your four-legged friend having to stick a brush down their throat with this useful chew toy.

Useful Gadgets

We can’t end this list without having some kind of gadgets in it. We’ve found some useful products for the tech in the family.

25. Smart Watch - Replaceable Strap

Smart Watch - Replaceable Strap

We know, the market is littered with overpriced smartwatches that basically do the same thing. This smartwatch with replaceable straps allows you to enjoy a slew of practical functions without breaking the bank. Things like a passometer, sleep tracker, push messages, heart rate tracker, alarm clock, remote control, message reminders, interactive music, as well as functions found on a fitness tracker. It also boasts professional waterproof quality and supports Android 4.4 and IOS 9.0 systems and above.

26. Night Vision Security Camera

Night Vision Security Camera

Another cheaper alternative, this night vision security camera gives you useful features including a functional night vision setting. It pans left and right and runs at 355° horizontally and 110° vertically. You can control the camera using your smartphone from across the room. It’s a great tool for monitoring your property, your pets, and your baby.

27. Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

These wireless Bluetooth earphones are the real deal. Sure they’re not from Apple, Samsung, or from other known manufacturers but they work just as good. This makes them great gift ideas and you can even use them for yourself. They’re great for playing music when working out or maybe when you want to be isolated playing video games. The silicone caps also make for a somewhat noise-cancelling feature.

28. Car Seat Back Storage

Car Seat Back Storage

Going out on a journey? Better bring this car seat back storage with you. It’s one of those cheap but useful products that has practical purposes. It has a lot of pockets where you can keep snacks and drinks for you and your friends. Whether you’re a fan of the outdoors or just going on a long drive, this car seat back storage is just what you need.

29. Portable Juicer - Manual

Portable Juicer - Manual

Make fresh juice and beverages with this portable juicer. You can even pack it in your car seat back storage when you go out on trips and you want a fresh drink. Like many of the items in this list, this portable manual juicer is made out of high-quality material that lets you enjoy juiced drinks without the unwanted plastic taste. You can add lime and other fruit to your drinks when you party with friends making this such a clever and useful item.

30. LED Chopsticks

LED Chopsticks

Finally, when you’re out on the road at night, you’d want something to eat and the easiest you can get your hands on are ramen noodles - the instant kind. These LED chopsticks let you see your ramen even when you’re eating in a dark area. We know the dim lights in your truck won’t do you much good but with these LED chopsticks, you’d be chomping on noodles using lightsabers.

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