10 Ways you can Use your Baby Groot Flower Pot at Home

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For the past few months, we’ve all been asked to stay at home. Whether you’re working or you’re simply just lounging around, there would have come a time when you wanted to rearrange everything and start decorating. With all the time in your hands and because you’ll be spending more time at home, it just makes sense to remodel and redecorate your place. You can start with your new home office or your living area, but wherever you decide to start, always consider a good multi-purpose decorative piece.

If you haven’t found any, you might want to consider getting yourself a cute Baby Groot Flower Pot. It’s cheap and it can be used for a lot of purposes. So, if you’re one who does not like investing your money in things meant to gather dust in the shelf, then this clever little item is what you should be looking out for. In this article, we’ll talk about 10 useful ways you can use your Baby Groot Flower Pot at home.

1. Indoor Plants

Baby Groot Flower Pot with Indoor Plants

For obvious reasons, your Baby Groot Flower Pot can be used as a vessel for plants - indoor plants to be exact. We’re talking about everything from succulents, dwarfed sansiverias, string of hearts, string of pearls, and even small bamboo plants. Your plant possibilities are endless. Just check Pinterest and Instagram and you’ll find plenty of inspiration for using this pot and you’ll see a wide selection of indoor plants you can choose from.

Indoor plants make for a great option when using these flower pots because they’re made from high-quality PVC and can stand prolonged exposure to soil and water. PVC is used in a wide variety of applications like doors and windows as well as plumbing and electrical insulation, that’s why the baby Groot Flower Pot can be used inside your room or even outside your house.

2. Herbal Plants

Baby Groot Flower Pot with Herbal Plants

Aside from decorative indoor plants, you can use your Baby Groot Flower Pot to hold herbal plants. Small herbs that can be used for cooking like tarragon, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and chives. These are just some of your options when planting herbs that you can put in this flower pot. You can also plant small mint, basil, and chervil. The best part, you can keep them in your kitchen where they can be picked, chopped, and added to your dishes whenever you need them.

These pots look beautiful enough that they wouldn’t be out of place when you stack them in your kitchen counter or beside the window in your kitchen room to give your herbs enough sunlight.

3. Artificial Plants

Baby Groot Flower Pot with Artificial Plants

Thinking about bringing your Baby Groot Flower Pot in your room? You can put plastic and artificial plants in it and put the pot on your computer table. That way you keep all your electronic gadgets away from anything that might expose it to water damage. Plus, the radiation and the heat coming from these electronic appliances will not harm or damage the plant, well, because it’s plastic.

There are a lot of plastic plants you can choose from and the internet provides a wealthy collection of inspirational posts that you can do to take your computer table or study table to the next level.

4. Pens, Pencils, and Markers

Baby Groot Flower Pot with Pens, Pencils and Markers

If you want it to be more than just a decorative piece and more of a functional ornament, you can use your Baby Groot Flower Pot to hold pens, pencils, and markers. That way you’ll have baby Groot to keep you company and hold your writing essentials for you so they’re always organized. But why stop there? You can also put sharpies, erasers, staples, and paper clips. Every small accessory you use in your office, baby Groot has you covered.

It’s a stable platform where you can keep all your stuff without it falling off or the actual flower pot tumbling down. It can keep your small office supplies neatly arranged while adding a touch of modern pop culture to your otherwise boring and busy table.

5. Wrapped Candies

Baby Groot Flower Pot with Candies

Because of its generous pocket, you can store a good amount of wrapped candies in your Baby Groot Flower Pot. No one would suspect that that’s where you put your mini Snickers and mini Kit Kats, just don’t put jelly beans or any exposed candy without a wrapper in it because your Baby Groot Flower Pot does not offer a lid of any sorts.

6. Key Holder

Baby Groot Flower Pot as Key Holder

You can also put keys in it and set your baby Groot Flower Pot on your counter table near your door. That way you’ll always be reminded where your key is simply by looking at baby Groot. Because it offers deep storage, you can fit a sizable number of keys in it. Well, it’s not going to be as organized as when you’re hanging keys on a hook hanger but having baby Groot sure looks more kick ass and saves you space especially if you're living in a small house.

As a matter of fact, you can use it to secretly keep keys for small cases, caddies, and jewelry boxes. Bury the key under the candies and no one would suspect it's where you keep 'em. It’s a lot less cliche compared to keeping keys under a rug. Trust me, we’ve seen that in a lot of movies.

7. Coin Storage

Baby Groot Flower Pot with Coins

Your Baby Groot Flower Pot can also be used to store spare change. Instead of having your spare coins lying around, why not keep them in your flower pot. There are a lot of coin cups on the market but none of them compares to the cuteness you get from baby Groot. If you’re the kind of guy (or gal) that uses minimalist wallets and does not want to carry spare coins in their pockets, then baby Groot will be more than happy to keep them for you.

8. Decorative Stones

Baby Groot Flower Pot with stones

You can also stack decorative stones in your Baby Groot Flower Pot. We’re talking about fancy pebbles, gravels, and all kinds of small rocks. You can place a bunch of those in the flower pot and make it match that rustic and warm feel of your living room.

If you want to bless your living space with a little Zen, you can stick incense in the small rocks and light it up. There are a lot of different beliefs about what lighting up an incense in your home can do but whatever you choose to believe, it sure can help you calm your mind and loosen up your nerves to help you relax.

9. Terrarium/Aquarium Display

Baby Groot Flower Pot in an Aquarium

You can also put your Baby Groot Flowering pot in your terrarium or aquarium. This way you can put small plants in it to give your beautiful terrarium the classic Marvel treatment. If you’re keeping reptiles in an aquarium, you can have baby Groot to keep them company and probably hold small portions of water to add humidity inside the aquarium or place small plants to make the environment look more natural.

Either way, as long as your terrarium or aquarium can accommodate your baby Groot pot, you can introduce a wide variety of plant life into your small terraria.

10. As Decoration

Baby Groot Flower Pot decoration

Lastly, you can use the Baby Groot Flower Pot as a decorative piece in your home. If you like collecting Marvel action figures, you can use it to decorate your shelves. It’s a piece worthy to be in your collector’s rack.

What do you think? Do you agree with our list? If you want to get high-quality and affordable baby Groot Flower Pots, make sure to check out The Clever Things.

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